What is CivicSpark?

CivicSpark is a Governor’s Initiative AmeriCorps program dedicated to building capacity for local public agencies to address community resilience issues such as climate change, water resource management, housing, and mobility. CivicSpark is a program of the Local Government Commission in partnership with the State of California through the Office of Planning and Research and CaliforniaVolunteers. Learn more about CivicSpark

Partner with CivicSpark

CivicSpark members are college graduates with environmental degrees and relevant experience, who can assist state agencies to work more closely with communities on climate change. Embedded locally, members provide an exceptional means to gather insight into what works and what needs to change in order for state policy to reduce GHG emissions more effectively.

State agencies can collaborate with CivicSpark to improve their engagement with local governments and communities by:

  1. Sponsoring a CivicSpark member, particularly in California’s traditionally underserved regions, to advance state initiatives

  2. Using CivicSpark members to enhance communication and collaboration with local governments and communities, and to share information and gather input on local programs and activities.

  3. Dispersing specific resources and tools through CivicSpark members to reach the communities

  4. Supporting GHG emissions reduction and climate adaptation and preparedness to realize the goals of Governor Brown’s Executive Order B-30-15 , which establishes the most ambitious GHG reduction target in North America.

Contact Information


Annie Carroll
(916) 322-2533 ext: 2027


Kif Scheuer
(916) 448-1198 ext: 312 .