Governor's Office of Planning and Research The State’s Comprehensive Planning Agency

OPR studies future research and planning needs, fosters goal-driven collaboration, and delivers guidance to state partners and local communities, with a focus on land use and community development, climate risk and resilience, and high road economic development.

What We Do

Planning and Land Use

OPR collaborates with state agencies and departments, regional planning organizations, and local jurisdictions on a variety of topics related to land use planning. Our focus on sustainable, resilient, equitable planning serves the state’s climate goals while promoting access by all Californians to quality housing tied to healthy transportation options and family-supporting jobs.

Climate Risk and Resilience

Californians are already facing the effects of climate change. Although these impacts – wildfires, urban heat, sea-level rise, mudslides – differ by region, the state’s most vulnerable residents tend to bear their brunt disproportionately. OPR collaborates with broad range of public, private, and community partners to assess climate risks, develop inclusive, integrated strategies to plan and implement solutions to adapt to and reduce them, advancing equitable and resilient California communities.

High Road Economic Development

A “high-road economy” is one that prioritizes sustainability, resilience, and shared prosperity. All who design, build, and run a high-road economy share the benefits equally; workers have agency and voice in family-supporting jobs. OPR advances the High Road through several specific initiatives that focus on innovation, job quality, and investment in human capital, with a focus on identifying key opportunities at the regional scale.