As communities in California experience more frequent, prolonged, and severe impacts of climate change, many are faced with planning for and responding to ongoing and worsening hazards such as extreme heat, flooding, wildfires, drought, extreme weather events, and sea level rise. Furthermore, many jurisdictions lack the capacity, tools, guidance, and resources to effectively prepare for these climate impacts. This capacity gap hinders the ability of communities to develop and implement plans that build resilience and reduce future risk.

The Adaptation Planning Grant Program (APGP) will provide $25 million to help fill local, regional, and tribal planning needs, provide communities the resources to identify climate resilience priorities, and support the development of a pipeline of climate resilient infrastructure projects across the state.

Key Priorities

  • Building community planning and capacity by supporting peer to peer learning and information sharing and publishing replicable case studies in the State Adaptation Clearinghouse. 
  • Support equitable outcomes and wide geographic and economic diversity in applicants. 
  • Support much-needed integrated infrastructure planning by providing flexible funding to meetcross-sectoral and multi-issue planning needs that intersect with climate risk and resilience  
  • Help communities plan for and respond to multiple climate risks simultaneously by supporting an all-risk approach and integrated planning activities.

Round 1 Approximate Timeline 

Spring 2022
Listening sessions 
Summer 2022
Guideline Development 
Fall 2022
Winter 2022

Engagement and Feedback

ICARP staff hosted a series of listening sessions throughout April 2022 to inform program direction and guidelines development.

Following the release of draft program guidelines, ICARP will also host public feedback workshops during summer 2022. The dates and structure of these events are still being determined, and ICARP will publicize the workshops widely once details have been finalized.

APGP staff are grateful for the input, collaboration, and feedback that is shaping the program, and we hope to hear from you going forward. Please reach out to with feedback, input, barriers you have faced, suggestions, etc.

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For More Information

Abby Edwards
Abby Edwards is the Integrated Climate Adaptation and Resiliency Program’s Adaptation Planning Grant Program Manager.