Announcement Additional $1.4 million Available for Adaptation Planning Grant Program Round 1 Awards: Apply by March 31

Published: 3/15/2023

In response to the high demand for Round 1 funding of the Adaptation Planning Grant Program (APGP), OPR staff have increased the total funding available for Round 1 from $6,600,000 to $8,000,000. With applications due March 31, Round 1 funding will fund climate adaptation and resilience projects across California.

OPR staff look forward to reviewing your applications for APGP Round 1 funding. With less than one month left to apply, it's not too late to start your application. The first step in applying for APGP funding is filling out the APGP Round 1 Intent get access to the application, which is due at the end of the month.

If you aren’t yet sure whether you should apply, attend virtual office hours with APGP staff on Wednesdays through the end of March. APGP staff will be happy to answer your questions about APGP’s Round 1 funding application.

OPR staff have updated the APGP Round 1 Notice of Funding Availability and APGP Round 1 Guidelines with this updated available funding amount. The second and third rounds of APGP funding are unchanged; They will still amount to $6,600,000 in awards each.

Visit the APGP Webpage to learn more about the Program’s approach, including how it will leverage interagency partnerships and $25M in funding to help communities identify climate resilience priorities, address planning needs, and support the development of climate resilient infrastructure projects across the state.