Announcement Reporting on Progress – California’s Climate Adaptation Strategy

Published: 9/16/2022

California is required by statute (Public Resources Code §71150 - 71160) to issue an updated climate adaptation strategy every three years, and to report on progress annually.

This workshop series builds upon the extensive public outreach and engagement undertaken for the 2021 Strategy update.

The workshop series consists of two parts:

  • Part 1 will be designed to gather input on public priorities for the annual reporting process and content related to the California Climate Adaptation Strategy.
  • Part 2 of will focus on soliciting public input on implementation of the 2021 State Adaptation Strategy, including progress made to-date and future areas of focus.

2021 California Climate Adaptation Strategy

Each series will have two identical sessions. Please register for the session that works best for your schedule.

We invite you to listen and participate in English or Spanish. / Los invitamos a escuchar y participar en el seminario, que se dictará en inglés y español.

Series 1: Reporting Process & Content

Series 2: 2021 Implementation