Announcement OPR Announces AB 928 Committee Membership and Facilitator Award

Published: 5/2/2022

The Governor’s Office of Planning and Research (OPR) welcomes the following appointees to the newly created Associate Degree for Transfer Intersegmental Implementation Committee (AB 928 Committee). To support the work of the AB 928 Committee, OPR has selected Sova as the third-party planning facilitator. The work of the committee is anticipated to commence after July 1, 2022, pending funding approval from the Legislature.

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Download Membership Roster PDF (updated 5/25/22)

About the AB 928 Third Party Planning Facilitator

Sova is a mission-driven organization focused on improving the quality and accelerating the pace of complex problem solving in the areas of higher education and workforce development. Animated by a core commitment to advancing socioeconomic mobility for more, Sova pursues its mission through distinctive approaches to will-building, strategic planning, change leadership and process improvement. By applying cross-disciplinary insights and expertise in stakeholder engagement, process engineering, and implementation science, Sova helps its partners take advantage of the untapped insights of the people they depend on to make significant, lasting change.