Announcement: California Initiative to Advance Precision Medicine Funds Two Demonstration Projects

Governor Brown announced the creation of the California Initiative to Advance Precision Medicine   in April to improve understanding of disease and spur public-private collaboration. The two-year initiative is being hosted by UC San Francisco in conjunction with UC Health. One of the initiative’s main objectives is to execute two research projects that will demonstrate the power and application of precision medicine.

Today, UCSF announced the two demonstration projects . An expert review panel selected them from a highly competitive call for proposals. The projects were chosen based on many criteria including benefit to Californians within a short time period and extent of collaboration with universities, non-profits, patient groups, and industry partners.

One project will use big data and computing to help identify genetic variations in tumor cells in children with cancer who have not responded to traditional treatments. This type of analysis will allow for more specific medical treatments for children who would not have had any other medical treatments available. The other project will develop a special single DNA sequencing test to aid with rapid diagnosis of infections in hospitalized patients. Currently, such a test does not exist for clinical use, and with such a rapid and accurate test, detection can be improved in difficult to diagnose cases.

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