The ICARP Regional Resilience Planning and Implementation Grant Program (Regional Resilience Grant Program, or RRGP) will help address local, regional, and tribal climate resilience needs and build a pipeline of climate resilient planning and implementation projects at the regional scale.

Over three funding rounds, the RRGP will invest $250 million into regions advancing resilience and responding to their greatest climate risks through three major activities: capacity building, planning (including identifying climate resilience priorities), and project implementation. Applications are available to local, regional, and tribal governments.

The first grant cycle will invest $25 million. At least $12.5 million of that total will be for regions planning for climate adaptation and developing action plans that prioritize projects or actions addressing the greatest climate risks facing a region, particularly in the most vulnerable communities. Grants will be made available both competitively and on a formula basis.

Key Priorities

  • Support regional projects aligned with ICARP priorities that improve regional climate resilience and reduce climate risks from wildfire, sea level rise, drought, flood, increasing temperatures, and extreme heat events.
  • Support projects or actions that address the greatest climate risks in the region, particularly in the most vulnerable communities.
  • Address gaps in climate resilience funding and support sustainable and cohesive climate resilient projects.

Round 1 Timeline 

Summer 2022
Listening Sessions 
Winter 2023
Draft Guidelines & Guidelines Workshops
Spring 2023
Grant Applications
Summer 2023

Engagement and Feedback

ICARP staff hosted a series of listening sessions throughout July and August 2022 to inform program direction and guidelines development. A summary of engagement feedback is linked below in the Resources section.

After ICARP staff release the draft program guidelines in January 2023, ICARP will host several public feedback workshops. Once ICARP finalizes the dates, structure, and other details for these events, ICARP will publicize the workshops widely. Sign up for updates by signing up for ICARP’s Listserv.

Sign Up for the Listserv

If you have any comments or questions, please reach out to the ICARP Regional Resilience Grant Program team by emailing

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Dolores Barajas
Dolores Barajas is the Integrated Climate Adaptation and Resiliency Program’s Regional Resilience Grant Program Manager.