The ICARP Regional Resilience Planning and Implementation Grant Program (Regional Resilience Grant Program, or RRGP) will fund public entities, California Native American tribes, Community-Based Organizations, and academic institutions that form regional partnerships to plan and implement projects that advance climate resilience and respond to the greatest climate risks in their regions.

The RRGP funds projects led by partnerships that involve multiple jurisdictions. RRGP will fund these partnerships to work together to address the most significant climate change risks in their regions, especially in communities that are most vulnerable to climate change impacts. These impacts could include wildfires, rising sea levels, droughts, floods, increasing temperatures, and extreme heat events.

The Budget of Act of 2021 dedicated $25 million to support the RRGP. through the 2023-2024 budget, totaling $50 million to support the program over two rounds. The RRGP funds two project types: planning and implementation. The RRGP also funds capacity-building efforts that support each project type. All projects must have a regional focus and support communities most vulnerable to climate change. The RRGP can fund a variety of projects and gives regional partnerships flexibility to propose projects that best meet their region’s specific climate resilience needs.

Key Priorities

  • Support regional projects aligned with ICARP priorities that improve regional climate resilience and reduce climate risks from wildfire, sea level rise, drought, flood, increasing temperatures, and extreme heat events.
  • Support projects or actions that address the greatest climate risks in the region, particularly in the most vulnerable communities.
  • Address gaps in climate resilience funding by supporting sustainable and cohesive climate-resilience projects.
  • Support equitable outcomes


We are pleased to publish the Round 1 RRGP Final Guidelines and application materials! The RRGP Final Guidelines are a step-by-step guide for learning more about, applying for, and participating in the RRGP. The first step to applying for RRGP’s funding is filling out the RRGP Intent to Apply Survey. The sooner you complete the survey, the sooner RRGP will send you access to the RRGP application.

Applicants must submit their complete applications on August 29, 2023, by 5 p.m., PST.

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Dolores Barajas
Dolores Barajas is the Integrated Climate Adaptation and Resiliency Program’s Regional Resilience Grant Program Manager.