The ICARP Regional Resilience Planning and Implementation Grant Program (Regional Resilience Grant Program, or RRGP) will fund local public entities, California Native American Tribes, and Community-Based Organizations that are planning and implementing projects that advance climate resilience and respond to the greatest climate risks in their regions.

Over multiple funding rounds, the RRGP will invest $125 million into regions advancing resilience and responding to their regions’ greatest climate risks through three major activities: capacity building, planning (including identifying climate resilience priorities), and project implementation.

The first grant cycle will invest $21.3 million. At least $12.5 million of that total will be for regions planning for climate adaptation and developing action plans that prioritize projects or actions addressing the greatest climate risks facing a region, particularly in the most vulnerable communities. Grants will be made available both competitively and on a formula basis.

Key Priorities

  • Support regional projects aligned with ICARP priorities that improve regional climate resilience and reduce climate risks from wildfire, sea level rise, drought, flood, increasing temperatures, and extreme heat events.
  • Support projects or actions that address the greatest climate risks in the region, particularly in the most vulnerable communities.
  • Address gaps in climate resilience funding and support sustainable and cohesive climate resilient projects.


We are pleased to invite prospective applicants to fill out the Regional Resilience Grant Program (RRGP) Intent to Apply and Request for Help Surveys for Round 1 funding, key surveys that mark the beginning of the application process for RRGP funding. The sooner you fill out one or both surveys, the sooner RRGP staff can help you navigate RRGP partnership and project eligibility requirements. The first step in applying to RRGP’s funding is filling out the Intent to Apply Survey.

RRGP staff understand that some eligible prospective applicants may be interested in applying for the RRGP but may need support navigating how to meet RRGP project eligibility and partnership requirements. Prospective applicants interested in applying for the RRGP but not ready to submit the Intent to Apply Survey may reach out to RRGP staff for help through the Request for Help Survey or by emailing 

Access the surveys

The RRGP application will be available Wednesday, April 26, 2023. RRGP staff are currently incorporating feedback on the Draft Round 1 RRGP Guidelines members of the public gave during the public comment period, which took place from January 17 through March 3, 2023. This feedback adds to the feedback community members shared through public listening sessions, interviews, and an online survey during Summer 2022.

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Dolores Barajas
Dolores Barajas is the Integrated Climate Adaptation and Resiliency Program’s Regional Resilience Grant Program Manager.