SB 149 makes a broad swath of energy, transportation, water, and semiconductor projects eligible for expedited judicial review under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). Projects must meet certain criteria to be eligible for certification, as defined in forthcoming guidelines, anticipated for release in Fall 2023.

The streamlining provisions for certified projects include a 270- day judicial review period for a CEQA case, including all appeals, as feasible, and a requirement that public agencies concurrently prepare the record of proceedings and the administrative process.

OPR is receiving preapplication inquiries at this time for Infrastructure Streamlining projects. Please submit such inquiries here: OPR will work with applicants and sister state agencies to coordinate preapplication review to assist would-be applicants. Final applications will be received through that same email address.

Applicant Resources

Guidance for judicial streamlining applicants is under development and will be posted on this webpage. To receive notifications on resource postings, please subscribe to the  Judicial Streamlining listserv.

Applications Under Consideration

All projects under consideration for judicial streamlining will be listed on this page. All application materials will be made available upon request by emailing with the application name in the subject field.

A note will be included next to any application with an active public comment period. Comments should be emailed to with the application name in the subject field.

Certified Applications

For More Information

Natalie Kuffel
Natalie Kuffel is the Judicial Streamlining Program Manager.