logo for the Office of Community Partnerships and Strategic Communications

The Office of Community Partnerships and Strategic Communications (OCPSC) manages the State’s highest priority community engagement and public awareness efforts including COVID-19 vaccines and climate justice:water conservation and extreme heat. The Office works with the respective agencies and departments to help inform campaign efforts and supports greater coordination and collaboration within state government.

The Office recognizes the vital role community partners play in helping to address the State’s most critical issues. In partnership with an ecosystem of trusted messengers, the Office directly engages Californians, including those experiencing the greatest health and social inequities, with culturally competent and actionable information, and meeting people where they are.

The Office builds upon successful community engagement and public awareness models developed through the Census 2020 and COVID-19 vaccine campaigns.

Guiding Principles

Use real-time data and analytics to build intended outcomes and assist with decision making, resource allocations and mid-campaign adjustments
Commitment to communities that experience the greatest social and health inequities
Build systems based on outcomes that can be measured and demonstrate impact

Primary Partnerships

Partnerships create important opportunities for greater coordination and collaboration, which benefit all Californians. To that end, the Office works with a variety of different partners both within and outside of State government to achieve its mission.

State Department and Agencies

  • Centralize and streamline statewide efforts to manage the state’s highest priority public awareness and community outreach initiatives
  • Work with state departments and subject matter experts to develop priority public awareness and community outreach campaigns
  • Provide expertise and technical assistance to other state agencies who are facilitating statewide outreach efforts
  • Share data and leverage resources where there are cross-cutting policy opportunities and service delivery can be improved
  • Collaborate with state partners to review state contracting options for community-based organizations, philanthropic and other partners

Community Partners and Trusted Messengers

  • Provide funding to Community-Based Organizations and other partner organizations to build a cohort of trusted messengers who can directly engage communities
  • Create a regional and statewide outreach and communications infrastructure to ensure statewide messages are up to date, accurate and culturally appropriate and meet people where they are
  • Monitor mis/disinformation to address attempts to undermine trust in government services and programs
  • Share community insights (from community surveys or formative research) with state departments, across diverse organizations and other partners
  • Collaborate as thought partners to identify opportunities for improvement, fill gaps, expand efforts and more

Public-Private Partnerships

  • Advance public-private partnerships and coordinate with those partners to augment state public awareness and community outreach efforts
  • Collaborate with philanthropy as thought partners to identify opportunities for coordination, shared learnings, and expansion of efforts
  • Develop innovative efforts to reach key audiences with critical and accurate information through partnerships with trusted ethnic media, social media, and other partners