Announcement: OPR Announces Update to the California Solar Permitting Guidebook

The Governor’s Office of Planning and Research, the California Office of the State Fire Marshal, the California Building Standards Commission, and the California Department of Housing and Community Development have updated the California Solar Permitting Guidebook in response to new legislative orders and updated codes.

Today, OPR will be discussing updates to the Guidebook at the Center for Environmental Research & Technology’s Solar Energy Conference in Riverside, California.

The 2019 Fourth Edition includes:

The first California Solar Permitting Guidebook was published in 2012, the result of a collective effort of stakeholders from local government, the building industry, professional associations, solar companies, utility providers, and state regulatory agencies. The Guidebook offers standardized documents that serve as templates for creating uniform and expedited permitting for small-scale solar. These templates can also be individually downloaded from the Center for Sustainable Energy’s Streamlined Solar Permitting Resources webpage.

Additional permitting materials can be found on OPR’s Renewable Energy webpage. OPR is continually seeking examples of permitting documents and resources to share with jurisdictions for wider use. OPR is also reaching out to local governments interested in improving permitting.

For more information contact:

OPR Policy Analyst Trelynd Bowles