Announcement: OPR Releases Public Draft of the Update to the General Plan Guidelines for Public Comment

The Governor’s Office of Planning and Research has been engaged in an extensive update to the General Plan Guidelines, informed by extensive outreach, engagement, and collaboration with state agencies and stakeholders. A General Plan is the local government’s long-term blueprint for the community’s vision of future growth. OPR is responsible for updating the General Plan Guidelines – the “how to” resource for drafting a general plan. OPR also monitors general plan implementation with annual progress reports from cities and counties, and grants general plan extensions for qualified cities and counties.

A public draft of the update to the General Plan Guidelines for the State of California is available. This comprehensive update seeks to create a suite of tools for planners, practitioners, and the general public to help update local general plans. 

The guidelines, presented here, are text only, in order to solicit feedback on content alone. The final document will include graphics, additional model policies with links, and additional data suggestions with links. It will also be presented on a user friendly platform, allowing users the option to use the online format or download a pdf. 

The tool is being updated with additional data layers, informed by data experts across sectors. Additionally, we will periodically create sample maps using the GPG mapping tool, to demonstrate new or existing functionality and uses. 

Please note, this draft has not incorporated any changes from legislation in the current cycle, such as SB 379. These changes will be incorporated after the public comment period, prior to finalizing the draft. 

We welcome any comments, questions, or other feedback you may have on this draft. The public comment period will last 60 days, and end at 5PM on December 18th. Please send any comments to

OPR will be holding multiple community outreach events throughout California during the public comment period for the draft GPG update. Planners, practitioners, and community members are invited to attend and learn about the updated guidelines, ask questions, and share their feedback. Check back for upcoming dates, or join our email list   to be informed when events are scheduled.

Thank you