Announcement: Local Government Roundtable - January 27, 2015

Local Government Roundtable

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

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California Solar Permitting Guidebook, Second Edition

Briefing on the recently updated California Solar Permitting Guidebook. Developed in partnership with the Center for Sustainable Energy and with input from a task force of participants from state code agencies, local building departments and the solar industry, this updated document reflects recent changes to the building code and new legislation. It also contains an updated toolkit for improving solar permitting that will help address the requirements of the Solar Permitting Efficiency Act (formerly Assembly Bill 2188), signed into law by Governor Brown in September. 

The updated Guidebook, along with editable versions of the toolkit documents, can be found here.


Jeffrey Mankey, Advisor for Military and Energy, Governor’s Office of Planning & Research

SGC Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities Program

The AHSC Program furthers the regulatory purposes of AB 32 and SB 375 by investing in projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) by creating more compact, infill development patterns, integrating affordable housing, encouraging active transportation and mass transit usage, and protecting agricultural land from sprawl development. 

  • Approximately $120 million is available for transit oriented development, affordable housing, and connectivity to transit. The Notice of Funding Availability and Concept Proposal applications will be available on Friday, January 30. Technical Assistance workshops will be held in six locations throughout the state from February 4 through February 11. For more on the AHSC Program, Final Adopted Guidelines, and Workshop Registration, go to 
  • $5 million is also available for the Sustainable Agricultural Lands Conservation (SALC) Program for Sustainable Agricultural Land Strategy Plans and Agricultural Conservation Easements. For more on the SALC Program and Funding Solicitation, go to: 


Susan Riggs, Deputy Secretary for Housing at the Business, Consumer Services, and Housing Agency
Julie Alvis, Deputy Assistant Secretary at the California Natural Resources Agency