TAC Quarterly Meeting — December 6, 2019

10:00 AM–4:00 PM

Art Rosenfeld Hearing Room
California Energy Commission
1516 9th Street
Sacramento, CA 95814

General Meeting Resources

Meeting Agenda and Materials

Item 1 | Welcome

Item 2 | Roll Call

Item 3 | Approval of draft minutes (9/20/19 meeting)


Review of draft meeting minutes from the September 20, 2019 meeting


Voting to approval draft meeting minutes from September 20, 2019 meeting

Item 4 | Latest News and Updates from State Agency TAC Members

  1. Overview of State actions, priorities and vision as well as potential for greater partnership with ICARP from State Agency TAC members present at December Technical Advisory Council meeting
  1. Voting on any actions to implement on topics presented and discussed

Item 5 | Discussion and Consideration of Draft Final ICARP Report and Future Programmtic Directions

  1. Presentation by Governor’s Office of Planning and Research on the draft final ICARP Report
  2. Targeted discussion on program priorities and recommendations for 2020
  1. Voting to approve draft final language for ICARP Report and 2020 program priorities
  2. Voting on any actions to implement on topics presented and discussed

Item 6 | Presentation on Recent Resilience Reports from Asian Pacific Environmental Network and Greenlining Institute

  1. Presentation from APEN and the Greenlining Institute on “Mapping Resilience: A Blueprint for Thriving in Face of Climate Disasters” and “Making Equity Real in Climate Adaptation and Community Resilience Policies and Programs: A Guidebook”, respectively.
  2. TAC discussion on next steps, ways in which ICARP can support idenitified priorities, and opportunities for equitable adaptation policy in California.

Item 7 | Overview of Public Review Draft of Adaptation Planning Guide

  1. Presentation by the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services on the Adaptation Planning Guide process and presentation from consultant team on the public draft of the Adaptation Planning Guide
  2. Targeted discussion and feedback from TAC on update process and public review draft

Item 8 | General Public Comment

Item 9 | Closing, Future Agenda Items, and Meeting Adjourned

Meeting Information

All times indicated and the order of business are approximated and subject to change. Public comment is taken on each agenda item as well as at the end of the meeting. If you wish to give comment, please notify the webinar moderator. Prior to making your comments, please state your name for the record and identify any group or organization you represent. Depending on the number of individuals wishing to address the council, the Chair may establish specific time limits on presentations. Due to technical limitations, this meeting will not be recorded.

The meeting agenda and accompanying action item materials will be posted on our website 10 calendar days prior to the meeting. To receive future notices for the Council meetings please sign up for the ICARP list serve.

The meeting location(s) are accessible to people with disabilities. Any person who requires special assistance to participate in the meeting, or wishes to request this notice or other meeting materials in an alternative format, requires translation services, or needs any disability-related modification or accommodation, including auxiliary aids or services, which would enable that person to participate at the meeting must make that request at least 7 days prior to the meeting date by contacting: Jennifer.phillips@opr.ca.gov or (916) 327-0182.

For more information, please contact Annie Carroll at the Office of Planning and Research, 1400 Tenth Street, Sacramento, California 95814, Jennifer.phillips@opr.ca.gov or (916) 327-0182.