Precision Medicine Asset Inventory

Beta Version

Collaboration and innovation are at the heart of the California Initiative to Advance Precision Medicine. To further this goal, the Legislature tasked us with developing an inventory of precision medicine assets in California. This has taken shape as a public database and mapping tool with data points from academia, private industry, researchers, community groups, datasets, and projects. It captures all sides of research and represents many areas of health, medicine and disease. The goal is to facilitate relationships by allowing researchers, clinicians, community groups, and industry partners to easily find each other.

The asset inventory is in beta mode, and is being continuously updated and improved. If you would like to add yourself or your organization, please fill out our short survey. If you would like to omit yourself from the map or have a suggestion, please email us. Items included in the inventory are not recommendations or endorsements from the Governor's Office of Planning and Research. The asset inventory also includes many organizations that specialize in community health and other services.

CIAPM would like to thank Peter Nugent from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and Annette Greiner from UC Berkeley. They designed the initial map and provided technical assistance.

If you require ADA assistance, please contact us.


  • Filter by focus area, or use keyword filter to search for specific terms.
  • If your filters or search parameters do not have a match, the map will disappear. Clearing your search will restore it.
  • The inventory is best viewed on larger screens.