Local Government Roundtable

OPR invites local governments to participate in our Local Government Roundtable bimonthly conference call. The Local Government Roundtable provides an opportunity for greater interaction between the Governorís Office, local governments, and planning agencies to discuss issues of primary concern related to land use planning and local government coordination. This approach allows for open discourse of important issues and informs OPRís decision making process. OPR regularly seeks input from local governments on important topic areas and this is one mechanism used to ensure OPR is responding to the needs of local governments.

Roundtable Schedule and Information

Roundtables will be held by conference call on the third Monday of every other month at 1:30 PM. Save the date reminders are typically sent a month in advance with agendas and related call in information sent a week prior to the call.

August 18, 2014
Dear Local Government Roundtable participants, We look forward to our next call on Monday, August 18th at 1:30 PM. To call in, dial (866)640-4044 and use access code 7222283. Here is the Roundtable Agenda:
1. Welcome and OPR Announcements
2. Preview of the California Adaptation Forum occurring August 19 and 20 in Sacramento (www.californiaadaptationforum.org)
3. Preview of OPR Paper on Climate Resilience Funding Platforms (will be sent Tuesday to the general OPR email list)
4. Update on the CEQA Guidelines Revisions currently in public review (http://www.opr.ca.gov/docs/Final_Preliminary_Discussion_Draft_of_Updates_Implementing_SB_743_080614.pdf)
5. Preview of the forthcoming Guidebook: Crime and Violence Prevention through Community Design: A Guidebook for Local Governments in California (http://www.lgc.org/wordpress/docs/resources/healthy-communities/Crime%20Prevention%20guide,%20OPR%20Roundtable,%208-18-14b.pdf)
6. Comments and announcements from participants
7. Wrap up, planning for next meeting

SB 743 CEQA Guidelines Update - Powerpoint