Household Water Shortages

There are a growing number of household water shortages reports, mostly dry wells. Shortages are being reported all over the State. OPR requests that anyone from a State or Federal Agency, Local Government, or NGO who receives a report of a dry well fill out the state's online form and let the County Emergency Manager know about the report. While historically household water shortages have been under county jurisdiction, the State has established on online reporting system to collect this information.

Reporting Household Shortages:

Local, state and federal agencies and NGOs are supplying household water shortage information to the State through the “Household Water Supply Shortage System”, which is available online:  . This form is for also use by individuals not served by a public water system experiencing problems with their water supply and agencies receiving calls from those individuals.

Identifying Financial Assistance:

Several state and federal programs exist to assist households in restoring their water supply. Our Drought Assistance page outlines these programs.

If your home is experiencing a water shortage, please contact your local Office of Emergency Services   .

Resources for households on private wells:

photo of recycling water

Photo: Molly Green. Resident waters 90% of their raised beds and a few boxes and pots of herbs with recycled water.