Local Agency Drought Toolkit

Entering the fifth year of extremely dry conditions, California faces one of the worst droughts ever recorded. Snowpack is well below normal averages, reservoirs are at very low levels and rivers have severely diminished flows. In January 2014, Governor Brown declared a state of emergency and called on all Californians to reduce their water consumption by 20%. The state took immediate action to conserve all we can, including maintaining water in reservoirs for use later in the year. We are also working to increase water storage, conservation, and recycling to improve our water reliability for years to come. A November 2015 executive order redoubled the state's commitments to these actions.

Californians pull together in times of crisis. Many local governments and agencies around the state have already taken action by calling for or requiring conservation, declaring emergencies and implementing projects to increase resiliency in water management, and communities have already begun coordinating with their neighbors, the state and the federal government. This toolkit, designed to promote conservation, coordination and communication.

Photo of traffic sign stating 'serious drought, help save water'.

Photo provided by Department of Water Resources