Drinking Water System Emergencies

The State Water Resources Control Board’s Division of Drinking Water   identifies drinking water systems that may be vulnerable to acute drinking water shortages due to the ongoing extreme drought conditions in the state. Drinking water systems are also regularly monitored and evaluated to determine systems that may soon be at-risk for water shortages.

In case of an emergency that disrupts services provided by a local water utility system, roles and responsibilities of the stakeholders involved in locating, procuring, and delivering emergency drinking water are outlined in this 2014 guidance document produced by the Office of Emergency Services (OES) “Emergency Drinking Water Procurement and Distribution Planning Guidance”  .

For water systems experiencing diminishing water supply, please stay in contact with your county emergency manager, OES and the local Drinking Water District engineer. Inquire about public funding available for emergency water projects.

Reporting Outages

Seeking Financial Assistance

Visit the SWRCB’s Drinking Water Drought Preparedness, Water Conservation and Water Supply Emergency Response   website for notices of funding availability for public water systems like
  • SWRCB’s Proposition 84 Funding for Public Water Systems  
  • Emergency grants are available to provide interim replacement drinking water for economically disadvantaged communities with contaminated water supplies.
  • Funding is available for interim and permanent solutions for community water systems and public water systems owned by school districts, suffering drought-related water outages or threatened emergencies.
  • If you have any questions regarding funding opportunities for drinking water systems, please contact your Regional Funding Coordinator (PDF)  .

The US Department of Agriculture Rural Development Program has funds for emergency community water assistance (ECWAG grant and CF Program), download a pdf overview of available drought assistance.

Seeking Technical Assistance