The California Department of Water Resources (DWR) has released Guidance on General Plan Amendments for Addressing Flood Risk (Guidance)

The Guidance is an advisory resource to assist cities and counties within the Sacramento-San Joaquin Valley when amending their general plans to address flood risk as required by California Government Code Section 65302.9 (Senate Bill 5 (2007), as amended (2012)). It includes a comprehensive reference of over 50 individual sources of flood management data and information from local, regional, State, and federal agencies that directly link to relevant projects, programs, and databases which can benefit planners, floodplain managers, and public works professionals.

Based on statutory deadlines, the required general plan amendments are due by July 2, 2015, with associated updates of local ordinances 12 months thereafter, or no later than July 2, 2016, whichever comes first. For more information and to download the Guidance, go to DWR’s Local Flood Risk Planning and Guidance website here . DWR plans to host public informational webinars in late October 2014. More details, as they become available, can be found on the website, along with supplemental materials such as the Guidance Fact Sheet and Frequently Asked Questions.