The Home Depot Donated 30,000 Conservation Toolkits to the CCC Foundation to Help California Households Affected by the Drought

The Home Depot donated 30,000 conservation toolkits to the California Conservation Corps (CCC) Foundation to help California households affected by the drought. Each toolkit includes 1 5-gallon bucket, 1 auto shut-off hose nozzle, 1 low-flow shower head, 1 kitchen faucet aerator, 2 bathroom faucet aerators, leak detection dye tabs to identify toilet leaks, and a 5-minute shower timer. The toolkits were donated to California households in disadvantaged communities that are experiencing or vulnerable to water shortages. Devices in the conservation toolkit were donated to help households stretch their water supply as far as possible.

Last Saturday, 9/26, Madera County distributed toolkits to community members at a water conservation event at their local Madera Home Depot store. Toolkit recipients learned how the devices could help them stretch their water supply as far as possible and event attendees learned more about the severity of the drought. Californians are facing one of the worst droughts in the state’s history and everyone can do their part by conserving water at home. Thanks to Madera Home Depot, Madera County Environmental Health, the City of Madera, and all Madera community members that joined us on Saturday to learn more about water conservation and help raise awareness of the importance of saving water during this drought!

For more ways you can save water, visit Save Our Water .