Announcement: 2014 CEQA Guidelines Update Documents Review

The Governor’s Office of Planning and Research is pleased to invite your review of two documents related to the 2014 CEQA Guidelines Update. The first document is a list of possible topics   to be addressed in the 2014 CEQA Guidelines Update. This list of topics was developed in response to suggestions received during the summer of 2013. We invite you to review this list and let us know whether we missed any important topics, and, if you have not already done so, to provide us with specific suggested language addressing the topics on this list. You can find this list on OPR’s website here  . The second document is a preliminary evaluation of possible metrics to replace “level of service” in the analysis of transportation impacts under CEQA. We invite your input into the options we have identified and to let us know if there is something else we should consider. You can find this preliminary evaluation on OPR’s website here  . Please submit all comments by February 14, 2014, to