Announcement: California’s Climate Future – A Discussion Draft of the Environmental Goals and Policy Report

OPR is pleased to provide a discussion draft of the Environmental Goals and Policy Report   for public comment. The report considers the state’s future in the context of a changing climate and a population that is projected to grow to 50 million residents by middle of this century. The goals in this document are linked to a set of indicators that will help us track progress toward meeting our long-term environmental goals. Please check back often as we expand and add to this of indicators.

With this release, we are seeking input from all parts of California and all sectors of our economy, population, and environment. We would like to hear your input on the goals, policies, and indicators. We will post information on the OPR homepage about upcoming workshops and meetings. You can sign up to receive notifications and additional information by signing up for the CA50M e-list here. Please send any comments to