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The Office of Planning and Research (OPR), created by statute in 1970, is part of the Office of the Governor. OPR serves the Governor and his Cabinet as staff for long-range planning and research, and constitutes the comprehensive state planning agency.


Public Workshop Notice - Preliminary Discussion Draft of changes to the CEQA Guidlines implementing SB 743  10-16-2014
The Governorís Office of Planning and Research will host a public workshop to discuss the Preliminary Discussion Draft of changes to the CEQA Guidelines implementing Senate Bill 743 (Steinberg 2013). The purpose of the workshop is to provide an overview of SB 743 and OPRís Preliminary Discussion Draft. The workshop will also feature a facilitated discussion among experts in various sectors that may be affected by the proposal. The public will also have an opportunity to provide informal input and ask questions regarding the proposal. Depending on the number of individuals wishing to provide input, staff may establish specific time limits on presentations. The Preliminary Discussion Draft and other related materials are available on OPRís website at http://opr.ca.gov/s_sb743.php. For the public workshop notice, please click here.

Review of a Preliminary Discussion Draft of Updates to the CEQA Guidelines Implementing Senate Bill 743- Comment period change to November 21, 2014  10-07-2014

The Governorís Office of Planning and Research is pleased to invite your review of a preliminary discussion draft of updates to the CEQA Guidelines implementing Senate Bill 743 (Steinberg, 2013). These updates address the evaluation of transportation impacts under CEQA. A copy of the preliminary discussion draft is available here. We look forward to your input. Please submit all comments by November 21, 2014, to CEQA.Guidelines@ceres.ca.gov. Notices of any workshops will be posted on OPRís website and this listserv.

The California Department of Water Resources (DWR) has released Guidance on General Plan Amendments for Addressing Flood Risk (Guidance)  10-02-2014

The Guidance is an advisory resource to assist cities and counties within the Sacramento-San Joaquin Valley when amending their general plans to address flood risk as required by California Government Code Section 65302.9 (Senate Bill 5 (2007), as amended (2012)). It includes a comprehensive reference of over 50 individual sources of flood management data and information from local, regional, State, and federal agencies that directly link to relevant projects, programs, and databases which can benefit planners, floodplain managers, and public works professionals.


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