Federal Assistance

The Federal Grant Administrator helps state agencies, local governments, institutions of higher learning, and nonprofit organizations, find, apply and manage federal grants by working with a statewide federal grant network, which includes a primary point of contact in each state agency, to provide resources and assistance on all aspects of federal grants. The Federal Grant Administrator identifies new funding opportunities and facilitates the provision of in-person and online training to encourage and improve the ability of interested parties to pursue and manage federal grants.

Review of Federal Programs

The State Clearinghouse (SCH) serves as the state's Single Point of Contact for the review of federal assistance applications pursuant to Presidential Executive Order
No. 12372
. Notification of certain federal assistance applications must be provided to the SCH, which in turn publishes this information for review and comment by State and local elected officials. The SCH does not administer grant programs or offer any grant funding. Please visit grants.gov for funding opportunities.

Federal Grant Resources