Precision Medicine Projects

The pursuit of precision medicine is an inherently collaborative effort, requiring access to large data sets and to diverse technologies and expertise. One of the major goals of the California Initiative to Advance Precision Medicine is to foster such collaborations by supporting demonstration projects that leverage the State's expansive and diverse research and clinical expertise and other resources from public and private partners, including high tech capabilities and patient engagement efforts.

Since Fall 2015, CIAPM has been funding two groundbreaking demonstration projects that use state-of-the-art genomic analyses to better diagnose children with cancer and critically ill patients with infectious disease, respectively. Both projects were awarded supplemental funding in the Fall of 2017.

In the Fall of 2016, CIAPM launched an additional six demonstration projects that use mobile technology, cutting edge sequencing technology, integration of diverse data, advance image analysis and patient/ physician support tools to advance precision medicine in California. Additionally, two of the projects were awarded from a supplemental RFP in the Fall of 2017.

CIAPM's portfolio of demonstration projects comprises broad collaborative efforts across institutions and sectors. The activities range from discovery to clinical implementation, aiming to enable more precise, individually targeted prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease, and to illustrate that precision medicine is making a difference now.

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